Imgur: Stored XSS on imgur profile

ID H1:484434
Type hackerone
Reporter giddsec
Modified 2019-03-02T01:45:04


Hello, I submitted a report on imgur, but the staff marked it as duplicate. #482841 I reviewed the report of the first submitted report. #381553 We are on the same situation and his case is already fixed because I tried visiting his site too which is and even redoing his steps to reproduce but no XSS is triggered. And I have a different bypass and my bypass succeed. I can still fire up XSS on the said webpage.

Sorry for double posting, but I think his case #381553 is already fixed and mine is different.

There are still bypasses exists in the imgur create album that can cause an Stored XSS. Try to visit my site: and XSS will trigger. F410962:

In my case, I bypassed the filtering using HTML entities for the alternation of <>, because I noticed that it's filtering the <>.


”/>&_lt;_script>alert(1)&_lt;/scr_ipt&gt”/> remove the underscores.

And I can still fire up XSS and anyone who visits the link, the XSS will trigger.

I acknowledge that there was another report, for the same issue but that I still have a way to bypass whatever fix they implemented.


XSS can use to steal cookies, password or to run arbitrary code on victim's browser