Vanilla: Stored XSS in vanilla

ID H1:481360
Type hackerone
Reporter alb3r7
Modified 2019-05-24T02:24:46


Summary: There is a stored XSS in the latest version 2.6.4 of vanilla. Attack with post privileges can trigger this.

Description: This is a feature that user can post content in markdown format. And the content and format type is inserted into database without check the format param. So attack can modify the format type. When the milicious content render by Gdn_format::to($content, $format), it will bypass the XSS filter.

File library/core/class.format.php php public static function to($mixed, $formatMethod) { // Process $Mixed based on its type. if (is_string($mixed)) { if (in_array(strtolower($formatMethod), self::$SanitizedFormats) && method_exists('Gdn_Format', $formatMethod)) { $mixed = self::$formatMethod($mixed); } elseif (function_exists('format'.$formatMethod)) { deprecated('format'.$formatMethod, 'gdn_formatter_'.$formatMethod, '2015-10-26'); $formatMethod = 'format'.$formatMethod; ...... So when we set the format as 'String', it will call function formatString in functions.general.php. This function will not filter xss vector.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Log in and Click New Discussion
  2. set content as x<img src=x onerror=alert(document.cookie)>x
  3. Post Discussion and Intercept request with Burpsuite
  4. Modify the param Format as String
  5. the the XSS vector will be triggered

Anything else we should know?

Every input field support format may be vulnerable


Stored XSS