Vimeo: Ability to Download Music Tracks Without Paying (Missing permission check on`/musicstore/download`)

ID H1:43770
Type hackerone
Reporter wkcaj
Modified 2015-03-01T23:09:50



I'm not sure how serious this is to be honest. If you're downloading tracks without paying, then I'm sure you could find a copy somewhere on the internet anyway. But I guess it's still an issue.

When browsing the Music Store (, some tracks are free. To download these, a GET request is sent to /musicstore/download, with a query string of track_id=[track_id]&license_id=4.

For non-free tracks, the link is replaced with an Add to Cart icon, and you're expected to go through the checkout procedure. This is done by a POST request to /cart/musicwith a body of action=add&license_id=2&license_name=Personal&price=1.99&track_id=110947&track_title=Remind%2BMe&uid=110947_2&&&token=[token].

Copying the track_id from the Add to Cart request and transplanting it into the /musicstore/download successfully redirects you to Amazon S3 to download the track, despite you not having paid for it.

Note: I submitted the GET request to /musicstore/download, but didn't follow the 302 redirect to S3 to download the track since I didn't pay for it. Because of this I can't 100% verify that the resulting file is the track, but judging by the URL it looks like it is.


Accounts Needed * User #1 - Standard Vimeo user

Steps 1. Login, and browse to 2. Find a non-free track, and click the Add to Cart icon 3. Inside the POST request to /cart/music copy the track_id 4. Browse to the following URL, replacing [track_id] with the one from step 3. You should be redirected to S3 to download the track (without paying):[track_id]&license_id=4

If you need anymore info just shout, Cheers, Jack