Shopify: H1514 Get access to non public information by pivoting with graphql queries

ID H1:423388
Type hackerone
Reporter emitrani
Modified 2019-11-03T23:20:11


Hi security team,

Summary: It is possible to pivot with queries to get access to information you shouldn't have access to according to docs located at

Description: I will try to write up all the ones I can find related to information disclosure where a user with only access to Apps can get from other parts of the store using the graphiql app.

  • Example 1: User with no home access can use locations query to find out store locations and address {F360024} It is also possible to use inventoryLevel(inventoryItemId) to get access to inventory without access

  • Example 2: Marketing activities with no marketing access {F360044} even though it is possible to ask for more this is the basic query I used. Note it doesn't say access denied. query{marketingActivities(first:100){edges{node{id,title, createdAt, budget{total{amount}}}}}}

  • Example 3: Publications and api keys(I suspect app access makes you see api keys but still) {F360060} Query I used: query{publications(first: 100){edges{node{name, id, supportsFuturePublishing, app{apiKey}}}}}


This means the graphql can be used to disclose information about other parts of the store that a low permissions user shouldn't have access to.

Best, Eray