HackerOne: URL Crashing browser. {Tested on firefox, Chrome and Safari}

ID H1:39139
Type hackerone
Reporter avicoder_
Modified 2016-05-25T02:16:57


Hi again Dear,

I am facing a strange behavior when I try to access this particular URL


I test it on multiple computer with different browser. Browser goes into indefinite loop and disabled right click ,and after some time it crashes .

It seems like the problem is because of JavaScript . when I tried to debug it:

It looks like the JS function this creating problem

h.indexOf = function(e, t, n) { if (null == e) return -1; var r = 0, i = e.length; if (n) { if ("number" != typeof n) return r = h.sortedIndex(e, t), e[r] === t ? r : -1; r = 0 > n ? Math.max(0, i + n) : n } for (; i > r; r++) if (e[r] === t) return r; return -1 }

Please have a look and revert if I am wrong.