HackerOne: TeamProfile exposes partially sensitive information through GraphQL

ID H1:389600
Type hackerone
Reporter qwertyqwertyqwertyu
Modified 2018-08-08T23:43:03


I noticed there is new field team_profile added and using the graphql below the latest serious report and reports received in three months were exposed {"query":"query Dashboard_report_severity_breakdown_table($first_0:Int!) {\n query {\n id,\n ...F0\n }\n}\nfragment F0 on Query {\n _team4g1Zqs:team(handle:\"security\") {\n _structured_scopes3TsuIg:structured_scopes(first:$first_0) {\n edges {\n node {\n _id,\n asset_identifier,\n reports {\n total_count,\n count_by_severity\n },\n id\n },\n cursor\n },\n pageInfo {\n hasNextPage,\n hasPreviousPage\n }\n },\n _reports42Gng6:reports(without_scope:true) {\n total_count,\n count_by_severity\n },\n team_profile{_id,disclosed_reports_in_last_year_count,latest_report_created_at,latest_serious_report_created_at,reports_received_in_three_months_count}, _id, id\n },\n id\n}","variables":{"first_0":100}}

If this is public information i can close this by myself (my reputation is very low) but i think it's not and worth to report it


Information disclosure of no of reports received in 3 months time and other information not in the current UI