Liberapay: Buffer overflow

ID H1:363658
Type hackerone
Reporter kaushalag29
Modified 2018-06-10T06:06:40


A buffer overflow condition exists when a program attempts to put more data in a buffer than it can hold or when a program attempts to put data in a memory area past a buffer. In this case, a buffer is a sequential section of memory allocated to contain anything from a character string to an array of integers. Writing outside the bounds of a block of allocated memory can corrupt data, crash the program, or cause the execution of malicious code. For better refernce:

POC: Go to Now type(copy and paste using python) email address of size more than 100mb or in gbs and sign up. After signing up for few times u will receive this error as shown in sent pic.

Steps to resolve: Restrict size limit on input parameter.


Category:Availability: Buffer overflows generally lead to crashes. Other attacks leading to lack of availability are possible, including putting the program into an infinite loop. Access control (instruction processing): Buffer overflows often can be used to execute arbitrary code, which is usually outside the scope of a program’s implicit security policy. Other: When the consequence is arbitrary code execution, this can often be used to subvert any other security service.