LocalTapiola: Sitemap causing strain on your Lahitapiola.fi server

ID H1:318603
Type hackerone
Reporter ozzyoz
Modified 2018-06-19T17:44:31


Basic report information

Summary: Your sitemap isn't split into many other sitemaps which causes all of the sitemap URL's to start loading in just 1 Sitemap which in turn causes a big strain on your server.

Description: It took more than 5 minutes just to load your sitemap. That is not normal.

Impact: Servers can lockup because of this. Look at this Github discussion about a similar issue to yours which has caused servers to lockup for another Webmaster experiencing the same issue as yours.


Browsers / Apps Verified In:

Google Chrome

Steps To Reproduce:

  1. Visit http://lahitapiola.fi/sitemap.xml or https://lahitapiola.fi/sitemap.xml
  2. You will notice just how long it takes to load your sitemap. It takes so long that every hit on your server for Sitemap request, will harm your server CPU and other resources.

Additional material

To reduce load, the sitemap can be split into many sitemaps.

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This impacts your ability to run your web applications efficiently and will thus affect your ability to run your business smoothly.