HackerOne: Ability to see common response titles of other teams (limited)

ID H1:31383
Type hackerone
Reporter prakharprasad
Modified 2014-10-15T14:14:10


Hello guys,

Not sure what's happening exactly but when I go to my team (program) dashboard add a new Trigger and then tamper the request and change JSON variable common_response_id to say 24 and after trigger gets added I see a title of ████████ which is not in my default team template nor added by someone else of the team. Similarly if I set common_response_id to 18, I get a trigger title of ████████ in the trigger (refer screenshots).This certainly seems to be of some other team.

JSON (which gives trigger title as ████████): {"title":"hackerone","criteria":[{"field":"any","type":"inclusion","inverse":false,"data":"agfagasga"}],"actions":[{"type":"request-needs-more-info","common_response_id":24}],"disabled":false}

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Login to Program/Team Dashboard
  2. Goto https://hackerone.com/<team-name>/triggers/new
  3. Leave all options default and add text to criteria and select any common response.
  4. Start the intercepting proxy and configure it to intercept the request
  5. Now add title and enable the trigger then hit Save
  6. Modify common_response_id to 24 for ████████ title or 18 for ████████ title

Kindly refer to screenshots as well.Revert back if you have any further query.

Thanks, Prakhar Prasad