Coinbase: New Device confirmation tokens are not properly validated.

ID H1:30238
Type hackerone
Reporter born2hack
Modified 2015-05-25T18:36:59


Hi, team I noticed that the new device confirmation code sent by your server is not validated . POC: 1) Login to a new computer and ask for confirmation code two times. Say around at 12.00 PM and at 12.01 PM 2) Now verify the device with the confirmation token which arrived at 12.01 PM and after doing your work go to and remove that device . say around 12.30 PM 3) Now you need to confirm the device once again and your server will send the new device confirmation code to user's email address at 12.30 PM 4) Here this time use the confirmation code which arrived at 12.00 PM and u can see that , your device is confirmed.

Fix: Invalidate all the previous confirmation tokens as soon as new token is generated.