HackerOne: Blind SSRF in "Integrations" by abusing a bug in Ruby's native resolver.

ID H1:287245
Type hackerone
Reporter edoverflow
Modified 2017-11-09T18:36:34



HackerOne allows bug bounty programs to integrate their reports queue with issue tracking tools such as Jira and Phabricator. By abusing a bug that I discovered in Ruby's native resolver, I am able to bypass the SSRF filter and could potentially scan your internal network.

Vulnerability Details

HackerOne uses the private_address_check gem to prevent SSRF on the "Integrations" panel: https://hackerone.com/{BBP}/integrations. The actual filtering takes place in lib/private_address_check.rb. The process starts by attempting to resolve the user-supplied URL with Resolv::getaddresses and then compares the returned value with a the values in the blacklist. I discovered a bug in Resolv::getaddresses that allows me to return an empty value, which is not included in the blacklist and therefore completely bypasses any checks.

ruby def resolves_to_private_address?(hostname) ips = Resolv.getaddresses(hostname) ips.any? do |ip| private_address?(ip) end end

The bypass consists of providing encoded IP addresses that when forwarded on to the operating system in lib/resolv.rb return an empty value.

http://0177.1:22/ http://0x7f.1:22/ http://127.000.001:22/

I discovered the bug in Resolv::getaddresses by running it on different Linux machines and noticing that the outputs vary. Until the Ruby Core come up with a better solution I suggest not relying on this library for any security-related features.

Machine 1 returned the following:

irb(main):001:0> require 'resolv' irb(main):002:0> Resolv.getaddresses("") => []

And Machine 2 returned this:

irb(main):001:0> require 'resolv' irb(main):002:0> Resolv.getaddresses("") => [""]


Admittedly, I was unable to actually exploit this issue and I am still playing around to see if I can exfiltrate valuable data. The current issue only consists of a filter bypass.


I would suggest using Socket.getaddrinfo() as it is more reliable and is not affected by this bug. Something along the lines of this should work:

ruby require "socket" ... def resolves_to_private_address?(hostname) ips = Socket.getaddrinfo(hostname, nil).sample[3] ips.any? do |ip| private_address?(ip) end end

My suggested patch can be found here: {F236338}.