Legal Robot: Add arbitrary value in reset password cookie

ID H1:266030
Type hackerone
Reporter cuso4
Modified 2018-02-01T14:41:09


I recently discovered that we can add arbitery value in reset pass token and compromise the life time unlimitedly ..

After opening a reset password link I got these cookies ....for token expires timeout .

{ "domain": "", "expirationDate": 1504618468.82726, "hostOnly": false, "httpOnly": false, "name": "tokenExpires", "path": "/", "sameSite": "no_restriction", "secure": true, "session": false, "storeId": "0", "value": "Tue%20Sep%2005%202017%2013%3A35%3A30%20GMT%2B0000%20(UTC)", "id": 2 }

There was a warning in a page like .....

Your password reset token expires in 21 minutes...

okay so I decoded the value and changed year to 2019 instead of 2017 ...and it's all done ....miracle i got this page with different warning ...

Your password reset token expires in 2 years

okay there are some issue like content spoofing , attacker can do this again and again , generally after 21 minutes token must experies but after changing to two years it won't ....

attaching screenshot here ....

If you can please take a another look #265652 i have attached a logical bug with fully video poc

thanks again