Weblate: Add another email address without verification

ID H1:265987
Type hackerone
Reporter tungpun
Modified 2017-10-05T12:24:43



In the normal case, to link another email address to the Weblate account, users need to own the email address and click the verification link. However, I found an issue, that allows adding another email address without clicking on the verification link.

Description and PoC:

  • Create a new openSUSE ID. Pick up a new email. In this example, I choose admin@weblate.org. {F218492} Of course, you don't need to verify the email address for this openSUSE ID.

  • Then backs to weblate.org, go to Your profile > Authentication https://demo.weblate.org/accounts/profile/#auth. Add the above openSUSE account as a new association. {F218493}

  • That all, go to Account tab https://demo.weblate.org/accounts/profile/#account, you will see the new email in your account's email field. {F218494}


Weblate should only accept the association from verified openSUSE ID.