Legal Robot: Improper error message

ID H1:263681
Type hackerone
Reporter pr4th4m
Modified 2017-09-01T21:59:02


Hi team, First of all congrats for good work to enforced the new password security policy during registration but the password error banner is not updated as per the changes. During registration it only shows the error when i enter the password if is is less than 8 chars. but if i enter the 8+ chars error will say "Please fix this field.". Without knowing the exact error message it will be difficult to put good password. Same error message is showing while signing in.

1) Improper Error message in registration form
1. Click on register. 2. enter password 8+ characters ex. 12345678

2) Improper Error message in sign-in form
1. Click on register. 2. enter your old passowrd if it is simple. (Not possible to sign in)

Please fix this issue as soon as possible, Due to this user will know what's the real problem is happening during sign-in or during registration.

Thanks and regards, Pratham