Brave Software: Download attribute allows downloading local files

ID H1:258710
Type hackerone
Reporter skansing
Modified 2018-03-29T03:04:59



The attribute download in a a tag allows for download the href target to file and saving it locally. In mozilla and chrome, it is forbidden to download local file via file:// .., in Brave however this is not enforced and it is not clear to the user if they are downloading something remote or local. This could be abused to social engineering and phishing that is hard to spot without reviewing the js code.

Products affected:

Name Version Brave 0.18.16 rev 8003c66 Muon 4.3.6 libchromiumcontent 60.0.3112.78 V8 Node.js 7.9.0 Update Channel dev OS Platform Linux OS Release 4.4.0-64-generic OS Architecture x64

Steps To Reproduce:

Create a <a href="files:///etc///passwd" download>Download local file</a> On a linux machine, click the link, download the file, open it. It's the local file.

Expected result file:// not allowd Result file downloaded

Please see the poc below and screenshots

Supporting Material/References:

I added a POC with a phishing page that attempts to gets users passwd file. with the purpose to phish passwd files and added pictures of each frame of the attack.