ICQ: Gain access to random information via group chat "about" property

ID H1:254285
Type hackerone
Reporter 3c75
Modified 2018-10-01T14:48:09


Vulnerability based on unfiltered size of data in "about" field. In case when data length stored in "about" field is more than 2^16 (for example payload is 65537*"A") server will return payload with additional suffix with random information. The size of suffix is increase with size of payload. Unfortunately I haven't detected the origin of the bug, but it`s look like chunks of memory. I hope, you will disclosure it for me in future.

  1. Request example:

POST / HTTP/1.1 Host: rapi.icq.net Connection: close Accept: / User-Agent: random Content-type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded

{"method":"modChatAlpha","authToken":"[auth_token]=","clientId":6,"reqId":"[random]","params":{"sn":"000000000@chat.agent","about":"[payload with more than x^16 symbols]"}}

  1. Suffix appears in Firefox/Chrome/Opera/Desktop client
  2. Vectors:
    • gathering information from suffix, wich potentialy can disclosure critical service information or other clients private information.
    • stored xss, if intruder would have understand regularity of suffix appearing
  3. Steps: 1) Send request 2) Suffix will automatically render itself in client(Firefox/Chrome/Opera/Desktop client - it return with updates).

Exploit synopsis: python expl.py [token] [payload size] [payload symbol] [client id] [chat_agent number] Example: python expl.py HU2YFuwNSxwSURrkPHKNXe7XY2qreCzxk9FZdXKSBmQ= 500000 - 2 677950968