WakaTime: Clickjacking on authorized page https://wakatime.com/share/embed

ID H1:244967
Type hackerone
Reporter silv3rpoision
Modified 2017-07-05T06:21:31


Hii, https://wakatime.com/share/embed is vulnerabel to clickjaking. Description: I found the resource on https://wakatime.com/share/embed, which can be vulnerable to the Clickjacking.

Impact The resource without X-Frame-Options potentially vulnerable to the Clickjacking. The vulnerability exist only for authenticated users (possible UI redressing in the Dashboard).As it is on a authenticated page so a attacker make many benefits of it and can click jack any user

Step-by-step Reproduction Instructions

Go to the https://wakatime.com/share/embed Look to the response headers. or Create .html file with next content: <iframe src="https://wakatime.com/share/embed"></iframe>

Suggested Mitigation/Remediation Actions Adding X-Frame-Options: DENY header will solve this problem.

Thnx plzz review it and fix as soon as possible.

Regards Piyush kumar