Nextcloud: Possible SSRF in email server settings(SMTP mode)

ID H1:222667
Type hackerone
Reporter xifengweiyu
Modified 2017-05-15T14:28:12


Description: vul address,when you change smtp server address ,you will get some different hints.

Reproduce steps:

1.Go to,choose SMTP mode

2.Set server address to "`,then you will get screenshot(nextcloud1.png),it means not on the same network segment

3.Set server address to "`,then you will get screenshot(nextcloud2.png),it means the address not exists or doesn't open any port to access

4.Set server address to "` and port to empty,then the test email will send successfully! it means this host exists and opens a smtp port

5.Set server address to " port to22`,then you will get screenshot(nextcloud3.png),it means the address exists,but can not access to the port