shopify-scripts: kh_put_iv SEGFAULT - mruby 1.2.0

ID H1:217610
Type hackerone
Reporter ilsani
Modified 2017-04-13T22:45:37


mruby v. 1.2.0 crashes in kh_put_iv function in variable.c file with a crafted input. I'm examining the bug in order to better understand the root cause of the issue.

Test platform: Linux 4.2.0-1 SMP Debian 4.2.3-2 x86_64

Stacktrace: ``` Program terminated with signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.

0 0x000000000045329c in kh_put_iv (mrb=0x2744c10, h=0x2f2f3a7370747468, key=671, ret=0x0)

at /home/msani/wrk/security/code-review/shopify/mruby/src/mruby/src/variable.c:292

292 KHASH_DEFINE(iv, mrb_sym, mrb_value, TRUE, kh_int_hash_func, kh_int_hash_equal) (gdb) backtrace

0 0x000000000045329c in kh_put_iv (mrb=0x2744c10, h=0x2f2f3a7370747468, key=671, ret=0x0)

at /home/msani/wrk/security/code-review/shopify/mruby/src/mruby/src/variable.c:292

1 0x0000000000459117 in iv_put (mrb=0x2744c10, t=0x2f2f3a7370747468, sym=671, val=...)

at /home/msani/wrk/security/code-review/shopify/mruby/src/mruby/src/variable.c:310

2 mrb_mod_cv_set (mrb=<optimized out>, c=<optimized out>, sym=<optimized out>, v=...)

at /home/msani/wrk/security/code-review/shopify/mruby/src/mruby/src/variable.c:838

3 0x000000000050e1e1 in mrb_vm_exec (mrb=<optimized out>, proc=<optimized out>, pc=<optimized out>)

at /home/msani/wrk/security/code-review/shopify/mruby/src/mruby/src/vm.c:979

4 0x000000000051f5bb in mrb_vm_run (proc=0x2746ef0, self=..., stack_keep=8, mrb=<optimized out>)

at /home/msani/wrk/security/code-review/shopify/mruby/src/mruby/src/vm.c:823

5 mrb_top_run (mrb=0x2744c10, proc=0x2746ef0, self=..., stack_keep=<optimized out>)

at /home/msani/wrk/security/code-review/shopify/mruby/src/mruby/src/vm.c:2614

6 0x00000000004d4f93 in mrb_load_exec (mrb=0x2744c10, p=<optimized out>, c=0x0)

at /home/msani/wrk/security/code-review/shopify/mruby/src/mruby/mrbgems/mruby-compiler/core/parse.y:5760

7 0x0000000000400c85 in main () at runtest.c:23

(gdb) exploitable main:99: UserWarning: GDB v7.11 may not support required Python API Description: Possible stack corruption Short description: PossibleStackCorruption (7/22) Hash: 5696db2f9fc8b1e9b330173ee7ddc787.2627e5d3f14472e2e24f2d46a9038356 Exploitability Classification: EXPLOITABLE Explanation: GDB generated an error while unwinding the stack and/or the stack contained return addresses that were not mapped in the inferior's process address space and/or the stack pointer is pointing to a location outside the default stack region. These conditions likely indicate stack corruption, which is generally considered exploitable. Other tags: AccessViolation (21/22)


Attachment [1] is the crafted input.