Nextcloud: Update php-saml library to 2.10.5

ID H1:213789
Type hackerone
Reporter lukasreschke
Modified 2017-04-27T22:48:04


The php-saml library as used by our SSO implementation had a minor security patch in 2.10.4 as per So we should update this in our next minor releases.

> Security update for signature validation on LogoutRequest/LogoutResponse. > > In order to verify Signatures on Logoutrequests and LogoutResponses we use > the verifySignature of the class XMLSecurityKey from the xmlseclibs library. > That method end up calling openssl_verify() depending on the signature algorithm used. > > The openssl_verify() function returns 1 when the signature was successfully verified, > 0 if it failed to verify with the given key, and -1 in case an error occurs. > PHP allows translating numerical values to boolean implicitly, with the following correspondences: > - 0 equals false. > - Non-zero equals true. > > This means that an implicit conversion to boolean of the values returned by openssl_verify() > will convert an error state, signaled by the value -1, to a successful verification of the > signature (represented by the boolean true). > > The LogoutRequest/LogoutResponse signature validator was performing an implicit conversion > to boolean > of the values returned by the verify() method, which subsequently will return the same output > as openssl_verify() under most circumstances. > This means an error during signature verification is treated as a successful verification by the method. > > Since the signature validation of SAMLResponses were not affected, the impact of this security vulnerability is lower, but an update of the php-saml toolkit is recommended.