Phabricator: Restricted file access when it exists in old versions of task or wiki document

ID H1:203658
Type hackerone
Reporter denispugachev
Modified 2017-02-06T12:04:20



Hey! I think there is strange access rules for restricted file.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Load by User1 file and set it access level "No one" (file Id for example 12)
  2. Make wiki with text {F12} by User1
  3. Edit new wiki page (change all text or delete) by User1
  4. Try to access file from User2: - User2 has access to file even if it has "No one" access level.

It happens because {F12} exists in old versions of wiki page and User1 can't do anything to hide his file only if he will restrict view access to entire wiki page. I think access level to file should be evaluated by current version of document, not older.

It can be reproduced also in tasks.