Yelp: is vulnerable to SWEET32 attack

ID H1:199436
Type hackerone
Reporter pkkothawade
Modified 2017-11-09T21:47:52


Researchers have found new attack against 3DES-CBC cipher in TLS,that they can decrypt customer data using a method called SWEET32 Birthday Attack.

This Vulnerability has got CVE-2016-2183 and has cvss score 5.0

This vulnerability can be found manually by simply using nmap script

nmap -Pn -p --script ssl-enum-ciphers ip

Mitigation for SWEET32 attack

->Prefer minimum 128-bit cipher suites

->Limit the length of TLS sessions with a 64-bit cipher, which could be done with TLS renegotiation or closing and starting a new connection

-> Disable cipher suites using 3DES Reference link: