Envoy: Primary Cloning of Envoy web application resulting confidential information disclosure

ID H1:194934
Type hackerone
Reporter rashedhasan007
Modified 2017-02-19T20:02:36


It is possible to mirror envoy website which exposes internal structure as also client side java-script and CSS . When an attacker makes a copy of your webpages on their local machine, it is possible scan the code for vulnerabilities to exploit without generating additional traffic on your web server . By this attacker can obtain client-side details. . The main reason why website mirroring can be seen as an attack against a website is the fact that mirroring uses webserver resources .

Yet It is possible to integrate the mirrored site in a third party webserver , to eventually steal traffic for the envoy website , again as the mirror website is a complete clone of the original website , attacker can use this resource for social engineering purpose .

Again , when a viewer is seeing a website he his actually downloading the site by web browser to view the website , but mirroring website is quite different as it exposes internal structure and director enlisting of your website .


  1. Discloses Info about websites Internal structure and directory enlisting
  2. Threat for social engineering scams
  3. It is possible to regulate traffic to fake website , which eventually may hamper the original websites visitor counting .

I personally wanted to use the cloned files to set up a demo website for testing purpose , later I thought It might violet your program rules , so I decided to go for reporting to you .Additionally I am attaching Screenshots . If you need any additional Information feel free to ask .

Thanks .