Revive Adserver: Stored XSS on Admin Access Page - Email field

ID H1:173501
Type hackerone
Reporter pavanw3b
Modified 2017-08-02T05:58:41


"Cricetinae" :)

Short Description

The Email field is not sanitized on Inventory > Admin Access page resulting in to Stored Cross-Site Scripting vulnerability.

Vulnerability Details

Cross-Site Scripting issue let's one to run a javascript of choice. It helps most of the client side risks including but not limited to phishing, temporary deface, browser key-logger and others. Exploitation frameworks like BeEF eases the offensive attack.

Stored XSS is more risky than the reflected ones because of the fact that the malicious script is persisted across. It can affect all the time and all the users who has the access to the page.

Attack Vector

As this is a stored XSS, the attack vector lies in one user phishing other users. If there are multiple administrators, one admin can get a javascript backdoor on another admin's browser.

Steps to Reproduce

To effectively illustrate one user affect another user, please create 2 admin accounts and follow the below instruction: * Login as admin1. Navigate to Preferences > Change E-mail * Enter the current password and<script>alert('xss');</script> for Email address field. Save and logout * Login as admin2. * Navigate to Inventory > Admin Access and notice the alert box.

Attached screenshot for a reference.

Test Environment Details

Version: Latest as on Oct 2: revive-adserver-4.0.0 downloaded from the official source Setup type: local Browser: Firefox 47.0 OS: Mac OS X

Cheers, Pavan