Gratipay: Username Restriction is not applied for reserved folders

ID H1:163949
Type hackerone
Reporter akash_9021
Modified 2016-12-30T07:46:36



This issue is same as #128121 reported by a5tronaut. He reported some of the usernames for restriction and you applied check only for those usernames. I think username restriction should applied for all the usersnames, those are used for a directory or a link in gratipay.

a5tronaut mentioned the sign-out.html. You restricted it but sign-out still is an available username.

Like gratipay have the directory listing for following: Profile, Giving , History, Emails, Routes, Settings.

But none of the above is restricted for use as an username.

I created my account of three of above username for POC purpose. When User of gratipay will click on the following link, he would expect the history, sign-out, settings page of gratipay. But he will end up visiting my gratipay account.


Fix: You can fix most of this username restriction issues by not allowing . (dot) in username as i suggested in my previous report and other usernames without "." dot can be restricted explicitly.

Thanks, Akash Saxena