Phabricator: Abusing daemon logs for Privilege escalation under certain scenarios

ID H1:16392
Type hackerone
Reporter tunnelshade
Modified 2014-06-18T13:44:53


Setup Needed

  • A normal user account
  • A momentary disruption of mail services

Replication steps

  • Login as normal user
  • Wait for momentary disruption of mail services
  • Use Password Reset Link for admin mail address
  • BOOM!!!
  • You can see the password reset link in the daemon logs because of interrupted mail service (check the screenshot)
  • Click on the link and upgrade to Admin

Attack Scenarios

(Virtually unlimited) A moment misconfiguration of + Mail configuration + Firewall settings + Mail Service down etc.. etc.. (we just need a moment :P)

I actually discovered this bug when gmail rejected my smtp credentials to prevent suspicious login :P.