Paragon Initiative Enterprises: Email Spoofing With Your Website's Email

ID H1:163156
Type hackerone
Reporter muhaddix
Modified 2016-08-24T18:44:06


Hey Parogine, I have found Email Spoofing type of Vulnerability in your Website,

E-Mail Spoofing Now the Question is, What is E-mail Spoofing: Email spoofing is the creation of email messages with a forged sender address. Because the core email protocols do not have any mechanism for authentication, it is common for spam and phishing emails to use such spoofing to mislead the recipient about the origin of the message. In Simple words, Attacker can use your E-Mail to send emails to others. Not Only Email Involved in it, All the Emails develop in may be affect by it...

How to Produce E-Mail Spoofing in your Website, Steps to Produce this Issue: 1) Goto: 2) Add "From Email" in 3) Click Send Button, 4) The Email from will be send to the Email you enter.

Another way, <?php $to = ""; $subject = "Email Spoofing Test"; $txt = "This is Email Spoofing"; $headers = "From:"; mail($to,$subject,$txt,$headers); ?>

Save this code in PHP file, & upload it on online server, Execute it & you can see The email will be send to your Desired Email Note: This code doesn't work on Localhost

See Screenshots below, I received Email from your website. {F114692} Fix: Improve Your Mailer, Turn on some more Security filters. Read More about Email Spoofing here:

Thanks! I hope you will fix this issue soon as possible, Regards: -Muhammad Muhaddis (Cyber Security Researcher)