Ian Dunn: Potentially vulnerable version of Apache software in and default files on https://iandunn.name/

ID H1:161459
Type hackerone
Reporter ethnicalhacker
Modified 2016-09-27T21:46:08



The underlying web server for https://iandunn.name/ is not configured to hide the version of Apache in place. As a result, when attempts are made for the following files, a verbose response is received revealing the underlying Apache version.

It should be noted that the underlying software could be back-ported and a newer version could be in place and should be investigated further. However, since the version reported is publicly known to contain vulnerabilities, a malicious attacker may be convinced to investigate further more malicious vulnerabilities.

Potentially Vulnerable version of Apache in place:

https://iandunn.name/wordpress/wp-admin.php https://iandunn.name/wordpress/wp-config.php

Additionally, the following default WordPress file was identified revealing the version of WordPress in place: and should be removed: