Instacart: Image Upload Path Disclosure

ID H1:158021
Type hackerone
Reporter mefkan
Modified 2016-09-12T19:58:14



Firstly,I couldn't see anything about Path Disclosure in your policy,so I've decided to report it.

Steps to reproduce :

1-Create a list for a store 2-Add background image from link (File has to be .svg) like 3-Then it will give an error

Let's take a look to that error

{"meta":{"code":400,"error_type":"List Error","error_message":"There was an error while updating this list","errors":["Image must be a JPEG or PNG","Image Failed to manipulate with rmagick, maybe it is not an image? Original Error: no decode delegate for this image format `/var/app/20160809T225101Z/tmp/uploads/1470789216-24489-0001-8854/full_redirect_2.svg' @ error/svg.c/ReadSVGImage/2871"]}}

As you can understand from error's Response this is the path disclosure


I'm gonna add a screenshot from Request and Response for being more clear about it.