Uber: Bruteforce INVITE codes easy way

ID H1:144877
Type hackerone
Reporter blinkms
Modified 2016-07-26T00:52:43


As soon as i read the vulnerability disclosed on h1 regarding Possibility to brute force invite codes in riders.uber.com "https://hackerone.com/reports/125505" .

I have found similar & easy way to bruteforce invite codes but in different manner .

Also, 1680 public invites are waiting for exploitation .

It was possible to bruteforce the invite codes for unlimited times during my test , making invite codes vulnerable to rate-limiting vulnerability & an attacker can gain free rides with that code .

To summarize the issue , I have included a POC .

POC :-

[1] Go to https://get.uber.com/drive/?invite_code=xez7rgs2u [2] You will be redirected to https://partners.uber.com/join/?invite_code=xez7rgs2u [3] You will see , ISAAC sent you $100

To claim your reward, sign up to drive today. [4] Now , again go to , https://get.uber.com/drive/?invite_code=rlior&signup_source=facebook_timeline [5] You will be redirected to https://partners.uber.com/join/?invite_code=rlior&signup_source=facebook_timeline [6] You will see , PHILLIP invited you to make money with your car.

To claim your reward, sign up to drive today.

[7] I didn't claim above reward but it is of $300 value , which can be known , if you search inurl:https://get.uber.com/drive/?invite_code= in Google. [8] Now , again go to https://partners.uber.com/join/?invite_code=jjjjzk [9] You will see , Uber needs partners like you. [10] Bruteforce is easy ;

A rule for detection of following text based bruteforce in response can added in burp suite Intruder > Options > Grep Match .

Valid Codes - [3] Conatains <h1 class="flush--bottom"> ... sent you $100</h1> Invalid Codes - [9] Contains <h1>Uber needs partners like you.</h1> Valid but not sure of $ value - Contains <h1 class="flush--bottom"> .... invited you to make money with your car.</h1>

Another devastating thing i have found here is 1680 invite codes are already public in Google , which if an attacker uses he can ride with Uber always for free with invites codes / new account .

Block url invite_code=.... in robots.txt & remove that from Google search results as well .

POC :- Google site:uber.com inurl:?invite_code=

Screenshots uber1 & uber2 attached .

I didn't used any of the invite codes .