Zendesk: Stored XSS on [your_zendesk].zendesk.com in Facebook Channel

ID H1:129862
Type hackerone
Reporter eboda
Modified 2016-06-01T21:16:03


I have found a stored XSS in the Facebook Channel options at https://[your_zendesk].zendesk.com/agent/admin/facebook/facebook_auth.

The XSS is a result of improperly escaping Facebook Page names.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create a facebook page with the following title/page name:

    Foobar" onmouseover=location='javascript:alert\x28document.domain\x29'

    (I had to play around with this a bit to get it working correctly as Facebook has strict policies on the page name. If the page already exists, try to replace Foobar with any other random string) 2. Create your own zendesk account and then go to https://[your_zendesk].zendesk.com/agent/admin/facebook/facebook_auth to add a facebook page. 3. After adding the page created in Step 1, hover over the "Unlink" button to trigger the XSS. See also attached screenshot.

Attack scenario

Obviously anyone with the permissions to add facebook pages can trigger this stored XSS and attack the admins with the usual XSS attacks.