Keybase: Race conditions can be used to bypass invitation limit

ID H1:115007
Type hackerone
Reporter franjkovic
Modified 2016-08-10T19:47:01



I have received 3 invites from Chris (I might have screwed up the PGP email, but thanks anyway), added to my account Using race conditions, I was able to send out a total of 7 invites to my throwaway emails, obviously bypassing the 3 invitations limit. Here are the steps to reproduce: 1. Login to your Keybase account, which has >0 invitations left. 2. Go to 3. Enter an email, and click the invitation button 4. A POST request will be sent to /_/api/1.0/send_invitation.json. Repeat this POST request multiple times in short time frame, and change the email POST parameter as needed. 5. Multiple invitations will be send, bypassing the limit.

(I have reclaimed the invitations for further testing)

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