Node.js: DNS Max Responses for DOS

ID H1:1033107
Type hackerone
Reporter zeus1999
Modified 2020-12-16T22:08:53


See Github (my issue):

When i try to fetch the A Dns records of following domain: I dont get any response. I think thats the case because there are over 1300 responses.

Version: v12.18.4, v14.15.0 Platform: 64-bit Windows 10 Pro & Enterprise

What steps will reproduce the bug? var dns = require('dns'); dns.resolve4('', function (err, addresses, family) { console.log(err); console.log(addresses); console.log(family); });

How often does it reproduce? Is there a required condition? It happends everytime

What is the expected behavior?

What do you see instead? Nothing/No output


mmomtchev commented 3 hours ago @mhdawson someone should contact Mitre or whoever you usually contact, this is a confirmed remote security vulnerability. If an attacker can trigger a DNS resolution for an address chosen by him, then it is exploitable for DoS. It is a very high-risk vulnerability. I don't think a remote access is possible, but this should probably be evaluated by an expert.


Member jasnell commented 2 hours ago We can look into this further but I have to point out: we have a defined process for properly reporting and investigating potential security vulnerabilities. As soon as this issue was suspected as being a security issue, that process should have been followed with investigation and fixes investigated in the private Node.js repo we use for that purpose, otherwise this ends up risking a zero-day for all Node.js users.