Ubiquiti Networks: account.ubnt.com CSRF

ID H1:101909
Type hackerone
Reporter benkhlifafahmi
Modified 2016-12-05T23:50:51


Good Evening Sir, I want to inform you that i have successfully discovered a problem on the API (django Restfull API) you used to manage the security of https://account.ubnt.com The vulnerability type : CSRF Vulnerability description : An attacker create a web page with the code attached to this report : "hacking_code.html" then transfer the link of the file to the victim (note victim need to be logged in to his account) once the victim visit the link , his password will be changed immediatly to the password set by the hacker Note: an attacker can also change user information (name , email , etc...). You can watch this video as proof of concept : Link : https://mega.nz/#!JZ1DxYyb and to make this video private you may need to be asked for decryption key : the key is : !██████

Impact : Critical as the account.ubnt.com is the site that manage all acounts on the ubnt.com (ex: community.ubnt.com , store.ubnt.com) , i see this require a quick fix and i am ready to help

How to fix this : 1st you need to enable the csrf_token of Django ; 2nd when change user information you may ask the user for his current password.

PS: if you need any help coding a solution i am ready to do this for you , I have a great knowledge on DJango Development and i am ready to this for you for free :p

if you need any thing urgent feel free to call me +█████████ , or mail me ! ███████

Thank you for your time Best Regards , Ben khlifa Fahmi CO-Founder & Pentester at Tunisian Whitehats Security