Kubernetes: Development Application Credentials + Information Exposed

ID H1:1018413
Type hackerone
Reporter kittytrace
Modified 2020-12-03T19:01:21


Issue Description When I browsed through all the JS files on prow.k8s.io I came across a link called /config which contains a configuration disclosure for the development files

URL Vulnerabilities https://prow.k8s.io/config

Proof On Concept ```javascript - continuous-integration/travis-ci kubespray: required_status_checks: contexts: - Kubespray CI Pipeline required_status_checks: contexts: - cla/linuxfoundation

  • kubernetes-security rerun_auth_configs: '*': github_team_ids:
    • 2009231
    • 2460384 spyglass: gcs_browser_prefix: https://gcsweb.k8s.io/gcs/ gcs_browser_prefixes: '*': https://gcsweb.k8s.io/gcs/ lenses:
    • lens: name: metadata optional_files:
    • ^(?:podinfo|prowjob).json$ remote_config: endpoint: hide_title: true priority: 0 static_root: "" title: Metadata required_files:
    • ^(?:started|finished).json$
    • lens: config: highlight_regexes:
      • timed out
      • 'ERROR:'
      • (FAIL|Failure [)\b
      • panic\b
      • ^E\d{4} \d\d:\d\d:\d\d.\d\d\d]
      • '^INFO: Analyzed \d+ targets' name: buildlog remote_config: endpoint: hide_title: false priority: 10 static_root: "" title: Build Log required_files:
    • ^.*build-log.txt$ ```


Information Exposed + File Configuration Disclosure