Supply chain attack

What is Supply chain attack

A supply chain attack is a type of cyberattack that targets the networks and systems of organizations through third-party suppliers, vendors, or partners. In a supply chain attack, hackers target the weakest link in a chain of organizations that are connected through their business relationships, often by compromising the security of a supplier or partner to gain access to the systems of a larger target.

This type of attack can take many forms, such as the insertion of malware into software or hardware products, the compromise of a supplier's credentials, or the exploitation of vulnerabilities in the supply chain's network infrastructure. The goal of a supply chain attack is usually to steal sensitive data, gain unauthorized access to systems, or disrupt the operations of the targeted organization.

Supply chain attacks can have significant consequences for the organizations involved, as they can compromise the security of data and systems across multiple organizations. These attacks can be difficult to detect and mitigate, because they often involve sophisticated techniques and multiple layers of attack. Therefore, it is essential for organizations to implement robust security measures throughout their supply chain to prevent and detect such attacks.