Privilege escalation: all users can access Admin-level API keys

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Modified 2022-04-19T19:03:07



An error in the implementation of the limits service in 4.0.0 allows all authenticated users (including contributors) to view admin-level API keys via the integrations API endpoint, leading to a privilege escalation vulnerability.

Ghost(Pro) has already been patched. Self-hosters are impacted if running Ghost a version between 4.0.0 and 4.9.4. Immediate action should be taken to secure your site - see patches & workarounds below.

It is highly recommended to regenerate all API keys after patching or applying the workaround below.


Fixed in 4.10.0, all 4.x sites should upgrade as soon as possible.


  • Disable all non-Administrator accounts to prevent API access.

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Credits: Aden Yap Chuen Zhen, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence (Malaysia)