malicious SVG attachment causing stored XSS vulnerability

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Reporter GitHub Advisory Database
Modified 2021-04-05T20:33:18



An attacker with write permissions can upload an SVG file that contains malicious javascript. This javascript will be executed in a user's browser when the user is viewing that SVG file on the wiki.


Users are strongly advised to upgrade to a patched version.

MoinMoin Wiki 1.9.11 has the necessary fixes and also contains other important fixes.


It is not advised to work around this, but to upgrade MoinMoin to a patched version.

That said, a work around via a Content Security Policy in the web server might be possible.

Also, it is of course helpful if you give write permissions (which include uploading attachments) only to trusted users.

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This vulnerability was discovered by:

Catarina Leite from the Checkmarx SCA AppSec team