Gallery: Privilege escalation vulnerability

ID GLSA-200406-10
Type gentoo
Reporter Gentoo Foundation
Modified 2006-05-22T00:00:00



Gallery is a web application written in PHP which is used to organize and publish photo albums. It allows multiple users to build and maintain their own albums. It also supports the mirroring of images on other servers.


There is a vulnerability in the Gallery photo album software which may allow an attacker to gain administrator privileges within Gallery. A Gallery administrator has full access to all albums and photos on the server, thus attackers may add or delete photos at will.


Attackers may gain full access to all Gallery albums. There is no risk to the webserver itself, or the server on which it runs.


There is no known workaround at this time. All users are encouraged to upgrade to the latest available version.


All users should upgrade to the latest available version of Gallery.

 # emerge sync

 # emerge -pv ">=www-apps/gallery-1.4.3_p2"
 # emerge ">=www-apps/gallery-1.4.3_p2"