XChat: malformed dcc send request denial of service

ID GLSA-200312-06
Type gentoo
Reporter Gentoo Foundation
Modified 2003-12-14T00:00:00



XChat is a multiplatform IRC client.


There is a remotely exploitable bug in XChat 2.0.6 that could lead to a denial of service attack. Gentoo wishes to thank lloydbates for discovering this bug, as well as jcdutton and rac for submitting patches to fix the bug.


A malformed DCC packet sent by a remote attacker can cause XChat to crash.


There is no known workaround at this time.


For Gentoo users, xchat-2.0.6 was marked ~arch (unstable) for most architectures. Since it was never marked as stable in the portage tree, only xchat users who have explictly added the unstable keyword to ACCEPT_KEYWORDS are affected. Users may updated affected machines to the patched version of xchat using the following commands:

 # emerge sync
 # emerge -pv '>=net-irc/xchat-2.0.6-r1'
 # emerge '>=net-irc/xchat-2.0.6-r1'
 # emerge clean

This assumes that users are running with ACCEPT_KEYWORDS enabled for their architecture.