bro -- Null pointer dereference and Signed integer overflow

ID F56669F5-D799-4FF5-9174-64A6D571C451
Type freebsd
Reporter FreeBSD
Modified 2019-06-22T00:00:00


Jon Siwek of Corelight reports:

This is a security patch release to address potential Denial of Service vulnerabilities:

  Null pointer dereference in the RPC analysis code. RPC
  analyzers (e.g. MOUNT or NFS) are not enabled in the
  default configuration.

  Signed integer overflow in BinPAC-generated parser code.
  The result of this is Undefined Behavior with respect to
  the array bounds checking conditions that BinPAC generates,
  so it's unpredictable what an optimizing compiler may
  actually do under the assumption that signed integer
  overlows should never happen.  The specific symptom which
  lead to finding this issue was with the PE analyzer causing
  out-of-memory crashes due to large allocations that were
  otherwise prevented when the array bounds checking logic
  was changed to prevent any possible signed integer overlow.