mediawiki -- multiple vulnerabilities

ID F36BBD66-AA44-11E5-8F5C-002590263BF5
Type freebsd
Reporter FreeBSD
Modified 2015-12-18T00:00:00


MediaWiki reports:

(T117899) SECURITY: $wgArticlePath can no longer be set to relative paths that do not begin with a slash. This enabled trivial XSS attacks. Configuration values such as "$1" are fine, as are "/wiki/$1". A value such as "$1" or "wiki/$1" is not and will now throw an error. (T119309) SECURITY: Use hash_compare() for edit token comparison.

(T118032) SECURITY: Don't allow cURL to interpret POST parameters starting with '@' as file uploads. (T115522) SECURITY: Passwords generated by User::randomPassword() can no longer be shorter than $wgMinimalPasswordLength. (T97897) SECURITY: Improve IP parsing and trimming. Previous behavior could result in improper blocks being issued. (T109724) SECURITY: Special:MyPage, Special:MyTalk, Special:MyContributions and related pages no longer use HTTP redirects and are now redirected by MediaWiki.