chromium -- multiple vulnerabilities

ID 7D3D94D3-2810-11EC-9C51-3065EC8FD3EC
Type freebsd
Reporter FreeBSD
Modified 2021-10-07T00:00:00


Chrome Releases reports:

This release contains 4 security fixes, including:

[1252878] High CVE-2021-37977: Use after free in Garbage Collection. Reported by Anonymous on 2021-09-24 [1236318] High CVE-2021-37978: Heap buffer overflow in Blink. Reported by Yangkang (@dnpushme) of 360 ATA on 2021-08-04 [1247260] High CVE-2021-37979: Heap buffer overflow in WebRTC. Reported by Marcin Towalski of Cisco Talos on 2021-09-07 [1254631] High CVE-2021-37980: Inappropriate implementation in Sandbox. Reported by Yonghwi Jin (@jinmo123) on 2021-09-30