moodle -- multiple vulnerabilities

ID 43891162-2D5E-11E5-A4A5-002590263BF5
Type freebsd
Reporter FreeBSD
Modified 2015-07-19T00:00:00


Marina Glancy reports:

MSA-15-0026: Possible phishing when redirecting to external site using referer header. (CVE-2015-3272) MSA-15-0027: Capability 'mod/forum:canposttomygroups' is not respected when using 'Post a copy to all groups' in forum (CVE-2015-3273) MSA-15-0028: Possible XSS through custom text profile fields in Web Services (CVE-2015-3274) MSA-15-0029: Javascript injection in SCORM module (CVE-2015-3275)