wireshark -- multiple vulnerabilities


Wireshark development team reports: The following vulnerabilities have been fixed: wnpa-sec-2015-31 NBAP dissector crashes. (Bug 11602, Bug 11835, Bug 11841) wnpa-sec-2015-37 NLM dissector crash. wnpa-sec-2015-39 BER dissector crash. wnpa-sec-2015-40 Zlib decompression crash. (Bug 11548) wnpa-sec-2015-41 SCTP dissector crash. (Bug 11767) wnpa-sec-2015-42 802.11 decryption crash. (Bug 11790, Bug 11826) wnpa-sec-2015-43 DIAMETER dissector crash. (Bug 11792) wnpa-sec-2015-44 VeriWave file parser crashes. (Bug 11789, Bug 11791) wnpa-sec-2015-45 RSVP dissector crash. (Bug 11793) wnpa-sec-2015-46 ANSI A and GSM A dissector crashes. (Bug 11797) wnpa-sec-2015-47 Ascend file parser crash. (Bug 11794) wnpa-sec-2015-48 NBAP dissector crash. (Bug 11815) wnpa-sec-2015-49 RSL dissector crash. (Bug 11829) wnpa-sec-2015-50 ZigBee ZCL dissector crash. (Bug 11830) wnpa-sec-2015-51 Sniffer file parser crash. (Bug 11827) wnpa-sec-2015-52 NWP dissector crash. (Bug 11726) wnpa-sec-2015-53 BT ATT dissector crash. (Bug 11817) wnpa-sec-2015-54 MP2T file parser crash. (Bug 11820) wnpa-sec-2015-55 MP2T file parser crash. (Bug 11821) wnpa-sec-2015-56 S7COMM dissector crash. (Bug 11823) wnpa-sec-2015-57 IPMI dissector crash. (Bug 11831) wnpa-sec-2015-58 TDS dissector crash. (Bug 11846) wnpa-sec-2015-59 PPI dissector crash. (Bug 11876) wnpa-sec-2015-60 MS-WSP dissector crash. (Bug 11931)

Affected Package

OS OS Version Package Name Package Version
FreeBSD any wireshark 2.0.1
FreeBSD any wireshark-lite 2.0.1
FreeBSD any wireshark-qt5 2.0.1
FreeBSD any tshark 2.0.1
FreeBSD any tshark-lite 2.0.1