[SECURITY] Fedora 20 Update: python-keyring-3.3-1.fc20

Type fedora
Reporter Fedora
Modified 2013-12-14T03:35:29


The Python keyring lib provides a easy way to access the system keyring service from python. It can be used in any application that needs safe password storage. The keyring services supported by the Python keyring lib: * OSXKeychain: supports the Keychain service in Mac OS X. * KDEKWallet: supports the KDE's Kwallet service. * GnomeKeyring: for Gnome 2 environment. * SecretServiceKeyring: for newer GNOME and KDE environments. * WinVaultKeyring: supports the Windows Credential Vault Besides these native password storing services provided by operating system s. Python keyring lib also provides following build-in keyrings. * Win32CryptoKeyring: for Windows 2k+. * CryptedFileKeyring: a command line interface keyring base on PyCrypto. * UncryptedFileKeyring: a keyring which leaves passwords directly in fi le.