[SECURITY] Fedora 18 Update: ndjbdns-1.05.6-1.fc18

ID FEDORA:C16762175B
Type fedora
Reporter Fedora
Modified 2013-02-01T17:15:48


New djbdns: is a usable fork of djbdns. djbdns' is a Domain Name System originally written by the eminent author of Qmail, Dr D. J. Bernstein. This *new* version of djbdns is a complete makeover to the original source(djbdns-1.05) and is meant to make life a lot more pleasant. The notable changes so far are in the set-up & configuration steps and integration with the systemd(1) framework. This new release is free from the clutches ofdaemon-tools'. The original source is in public-domain since late Dec 2007(see: http://cr.yp.to/distributors.html);